Friday, August 30, 2013

Example shaders in Maya LT

ShaderFX is a real-time shader editor build into Maya LT.
Below are some examples.

Matcap shader:
Download Matcap ShaderFX graph

Animated shader:
Download Animated Fire ShaderFX graph

Anisotropic and latlong reflections:
Download Anisotropic ShaderFX graph

ShaderFX is very customizable.
Most nodes are what I call "Group Nodes". Similar to e.g. compound nodes in XSI. For example you can go inside the Surface shader itself and poke around:

Blurring reflection maps based on procedural checker pattern:
Download Blurry Reflections ShaderFX graph

Blending normal maps with various options to blend:
Download Blending Normal Maps ShaderFX graph

Animated Surface Mask (Opacity Mask):
Download Surface Mask ShaderFX graph

An example of DirectX 11 tessellation and displacement:
Download Tessellation and Displacement ShaderFX graph

Mixing with vertex colors:
Download Vertex Colors ShaderFX graph

Wrinkle Map (sorry don't have a great face model/rig laying around):

The attribute on the locator drives the value in the shader.
In ShaderFX "Values nodes" (such as floats, colors, textures) have an option called "Input from Maya". When you enable this option, the value is exposed as a regular Maya Attribute in the dependency graph and can be connected to your rig:
Download Wrinkle Map ShaderFX graph

Translucency (Thickness map controls the density, in this case, a vein map):
Download Translucency ShaderFX graph


  1. Is it possible to get the texture files associated with these shaders? Particularly the flipbook sprite file for the fire?


    Matt Schmidt

  2. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  3. Honestly, guys,

    I think that Directx is more reliable soft and it works much more stable on my PC, a few days ago I even downloaded a newer version of it at and now everything is just perfect, you may also try it. Have fun.

  4. For me I am suffering with directx , makes Maya randomly crashes alot, I have to work with (openGL compatibility mode) which is more stable on my home PC , despite I have a GTX 1060 6GB VRam.. I wish if I can discover how to make dirextx & Maya stable so I can use all the features of ShaderFX here.

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